Boy, do I have a story for you...

  Meet Our Executive Chef Douglas
    Chef Douglas

A Chef Less Ordinary

To look at the extraordinary career of Douglas Bernstein, one would not be incorrect to assume he was on a direct path
to heading the helm of a Michelin three star restaurant of his own design.  That is where we would all be wrong.

Bernstein earned his stripes at Farallon and Aquarello, two venerable San Francisco institutions that quickly weed out
those that will not make it in an industry that demands high stress, higher creativity, and far less sleep then most people can endure.  Somewhere, however, Douglas chose to step off that train, for reasons unknown.

"I seem to be adverse to linear paths", says Bernstein. "I have my demons, but they seem to push me towards existential reward, not
physical.  I can't help but be aware that what I do - we all do - has an impact on the rest of this planet."

It's no coincidence that Bernstein gravitated to Fish. in Sausalito. "We spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a person-not just a chef- that understood what we stand for.  The list gets pretty small when you tell a rising star in this industry what they can and cannot use on the menu.

"I guess you could say I have less colors to paint with on my menu.  That's why every stroke counts.  In some ways, infinite choices can lead to culinary
paralysis, and these self-imposed limitations force me to pull from a global and historical influence to bring fresh ideas to our menu and specials."  Bernstein
concludes.  "I have a strong love of family, friends and purpose.  What I do reflects a conscious choice to move us all towards a sane future, and still feel that joy that comes with giving an OMG moment to anyone I cook for."

Douglas can be found at Fish Restaurant on Wednesdays between 12:40 and 1:10.  Alternatively, Douglas consults Thursday and Friday in Dubai, and limited consultations are available in Hong Kong and Japan on Sunday and Monday. 
Use of the Bernstein private kitchen/jet is possible for dignitaries and social causes.

Please contact Fish for speaking engagements and hourly consultations.


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Why Come to Fish?

Well there are many, many reasons. But number one, as we hope everyone knows by now, is our passion for the Oceans and Rivers Sustainability. We do our darnedest to create the most inventive and great tasting dishes you'll love with a limited and ever depleting amount of proteins (Fish) available. It matters to us that we know where our Fish are coming from and the manner in which they are caught.

Have you ever wondered what the F/V means up on the Specials board at Fish? It stands for Fishing Vessel. We know the name of the vessel, the fisherman who owns that boat and the manner in which the fish we take delivery of were caught.

We create wonderful dishes using small farmer and organic fruits and vegetables and always have vegetarian dishes available too.

Another reason to come to Fish is the spectacular waterfront location and the dog and child friendly atmosphere.

350 Harbor Drive Sausalito,
                CA 94965 415 331-FISH 415 331-3421 (fax)